HomePod Speaker
HomePod Speaker

Apple’s HomePod Puts Siri in a Speaker

It’s hard not to watch Google’s assistant and Amazon’s Alexa invade millions of homes and not feel like Apple blew up a chance. Six years after Siri was announced as a feature on iPhone 4s it’s still confined to phone news and computers. It needs unlocking, activation and summoning, while Alexa and assistant are everywhere and ready and waiting. Apple has finally come up with a new way of getting Siri on your phone and family room.

In a recent Apple’s worldwide developer’s conference, Apple’s senior vice president by the name Phil Schiller announced a new speaker called HomePod designed to take on Amazon, Google and Sonos at once. The round mesh gadget is seven inches tall thus making it almost as big as Mac pro. With seven tweeters and Apple’s A8 chip, the HomePod can uncover its surrounding and tune its output to good sound. Schiller then described Siri as great musicologist inside HomePod, for it can be asked questions, play beats and also play top songs from past years.

Apple is also working on optimizing Siri to be an in-house assistant that can provide things like messages, podcasts, traffic, weather, alarms, and sports. It’s still much of a home competitor or echo. However, the firm has chosen to focus its attention on music instead of features that have been touted by Amazon and Google. The device uses local recognition to help in hearing local sounds and can encrypt all your communication. As you get to hear Apple’s HomePod audio output, you’ll find that it has amazing sound for a small speaker and can easily fill the room you are in. When compared with Sonos play 3 and Amazon echo the device has full and wide sound. Additionally, the gadget can be tuned to provide thumping bass and brightly shining vocals making it sound reasonable for most conventional music that has been mixed that way.

Creation of a surround system by connecting multiple HomePods

You can easily create a surround system by wirelessly connecting multiple HomePods thus nobody will have to tell you how many you should have. However, the answer appears to be in double digit. The speaker does a good job of creating a full sound stage and output audio in every direction. Thus you won’t need to sit in front to get proper sound. Furthermore, you can only hear fifteen minutes of Apple’s HomePod audio and be impressed with it. This is not an audio file set up, but it’s a right sound to many people.


HomePod supports Apple music plus what you may stream from an iPhone over airplay 2. Furthermore, the device is Apple’s distillation approach to technology seen from iOS to Siri. It is a set and forgets product for you can plug it and leave Apple’s API algorithms, and microphones do the rest as they can tune the sound and configure things for you. The objective here is easy use for all users.