Motorcycle GPS? Why?

GPS is the brand new wave of navigation, and motorcycle GPS is not any different. But then what really is a GPS and why exactly why should you have it on a motorbike? In a nutshell, GPS is an advanced way of identifying or locating your actual position or location that it on the globe, […]

Toaster Ovens

What To Look For In Toaster Ovens

Today, toaster ovens are used throughout the home. They became very common. What is the functionality of the toaster? Are they used exclusively for toasting? Are they available? Which toaster ovens are suitable for your home? There are many different toaster ovens to choose from: 2-section, 4-section and 6-section toaster ovens, pizza toasters and standard […]


History of Smart Thermostats

Since the correlation between thermostats and energy efficiency were realized, thermostats have evolved to establish their rightful place in history. Traditional thermostats were equipped with a dial or manual keys allowing the user to raise or lower climate control settings in their home. Once the simplicity of this method was realized, the digital thermostat was […]

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers: Taking Music to Another Level

Today, thanks to technological advancements, you can connect a compact portable speaker to your phone, tablet or laptop. Once you setup the wireless connection, stream music, podcast or anything else you want. This experience has been enabled by bluetooth speakers. I know that music from your home speaker system and headphones is always great. But if […]

HomePod Speaker

Apple’s HomePod Puts Siri in a Speaker

It’s hard not to watch Google’s assistant and Amazon’s Alexa invade millions of homes and not feel like Apple blew up a chance. Six years after Siri was announced as a feature on iPhone 4s it’s still confined to phone news and computers. It needs unlocking, activation and summoning, while Alexa and assistant are everywhere […]