Downloading & Installing src2pkg


The complete sources and installable packages for src2pkg are always found under:

There, the latest version of the Slackware '.txz' installable package is available with a name like: src2pkg-2.7-noarch-2.txz (for VERSION 2.7, BUILD 2). The sources for that version would be found under the sub-directory 'src2pkg-2.7'. The same sources are used to build all the installable package types. By convention, we place all the non-Slackware packages under this source directory also, but you don't need them to build src2pkg from the sources.

The sources are built using the script: src2pkg.build-noarch which will require the files doinst.sh, postinst and slack-desc, plus the full contents of the 'Resources' and 'src2pkg-helpers' directories.


From package

src2pkg is produced as a noarch package. Unlike most other packages however, there are post-install actions that must be completed manually if you are installing src2pkg for the first time.

Install the base noarch package through your usual package manager from the command line. Once installed, run the command: src2pkg –setup to setup src2pkg for use on your system. The –setup switch automatically compiles and installs a few small helper applications.

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