Welcome to the src2pkg documentation project.

src2pkg is a tool for creating packages, from source code or other base material including version-controlled sources and binary archives. The core program is written in Bash, and supported by a small number of helper packages that are compiled for your system during the installation.

It is not a package manager like RPM or a build configuration mechanism like GNU autoconf, but rather provides a bridge to go from one to the other as a package-making-tool.

The original documentation may be found in the version 1.xx archive, and may be somewhat Slackware specific.

The current version 2.xx is a significant upgrade of the program and the documentation, and targets more than just Slackware.

Prebuilt packages are available for Redhat/SuSE (rpm), Puppy (pet), Slackware (tgz), Debian/Ubuntu (deb) and even Busybox/SliTaz (tazpkg). Additionally, a build script is available to add src2pkg to your distro of choice!

For those wishing to jump straight in with one of the prebuilt packages, the best place to start for using src2pkg is the quick start guide. The manual contains a copy of the man-page which includes the commandline switches, while Configuration holds the list of variables used for customising your installation of src2pkg and building packages.

For further information regarding the inner-workings of src2pkg, check the Overview, Technical and Special Files pages.

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